Rowin’ Ballin’ Snatchin’ – Presented by Barbell Voodoo

*UPDATED 4/4/2016

Rowin’, Ballin’, Snatchin’ – Presented by Barbell Voodoo

Afternoon WOD: AMRAP 12

20 Calorie Row
15 Wall Balls (20/14)*see below for target heights
15 Snatch 115/75/55 with a descending ladder of snatch per round.

Round 1: 20 cal/15 WB/15 snatch
Round 2: 20 cal/15 WB /12 snatch
Round 3: 20 cal/15 WB /9 snatch
Round 4: 20 cal/15 WB 6 snatch
Round 5: 20 cal/15 WB /3 snatch
Round 6: Max calorie air bike

Row: Any damper setting is allowed. Athlete may not touch the handle until “Go” is called and must remain on the seat and with hands on the handles until the entire distance is complete. Athlete must enter, exit and adjust the machine with no assistance.

Wall ball standards: Movement begins in a full squat with the hip crease below the knee and as the athlete stands up, the ball is thrown at the target. The ball must clearly hit above the designated height (10ft Rx men, 9ft Rx women, 9ft Scaled men, 8ft scaled women). Each time the athlete receives the medicine ball, he/she must squat to full depth before he/she can toss the ball to the target for the next rep. If the athlete chooses to let the ball drop in between reps, he/she must let the ball come to a complete stop on the ground before beginning the next rep (no catching it on the bounce).

Snatch: The athlete may squat, power, or split snatch the weight overhead.  The bar must come from the ground to full lockout overhead with the hips, knees, and elbows fully extended.  If split snatching, feet must be brought back underneath the athlete to complete the movement.  A snatch from the hang is a no rep. A clean and jerk is a no rep. We will be using the very secure Hi-Temp clamps for this WOD, so no having to waste valuable WOD time adjusting those clamp!

Tie-break for podium decision only will be determined by times recorded at the end of the first round.